Heloise Love

Heloise Love


Mumma’s Country Kitchen x The Life Style Edit

If you can’t already tell I love taking photos of food, mainly because after we call it a wrap we get to tuck in and enjoy a feast.

The other reason is that I think food brings people together, some of my best memories have been while sitting around a table. Food has a way of transporting you to another country, all from the comfort of your home, it can take you back to your childhood without the need for some kind of expensive time machine and it also just tastes really good.

This shoot will definitely be a food memory I won’t soon forget, thank you Helen for creating such an amazing spread.

Styling: Heidi Albertiri
Assistant stylists: Kylee Maki & Dina KorakisĀ 
Art Direction: Emma Chegwyn
Food by Helen from Mumma’s Country Kitchen

For The Life Style Edit Annual Digital Magazine